Why Should You Choose Silkroad Salvation Over Other Versions?

36Silkroad is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was initially released in Korea and then made available around the rest of the world. Depending on where you are located, it can be difficult to find a reliable server to play this fun game with other people. That is the purpose behind Silkroad Salvation. This server is dedicated to English speaking players and offers a number of benefits over other versions of this game. Learn more about Silkroad Salvation and why you should choose it over other versions.

Quick Overview to Changes

Before getting into the specifics of this version of Silkroad, I would like to explain the main changes that I made when developing this version. First, there is a level 70 cap, which provides more room for levelling up. To go along with this, I have also increased the experience rate by 10. For trade goods routes, I have increased the majority of the routes by 3 and some by 6. The item mall has been adjusted so that it only provides cosmetic and luxury items, so that there is no pay to win. All of these changes silkroadprovide a more level playing field for players and more opportunities for growth, for more diverse gameplay with more reward.

Basic Rules of Silkroad Salvation

I also made some changes to the basic rules, which I feel will improve the overall playing experience. Firstly, there is no botting – only real players. Players who abuse this will be banned instantly. There is no debate about this fact, as botting gives players an unfair advantage by being able to earn without actually playing. There is also no taxing. This means that you cannot use a high level player to power up another player that is not contributing. Basically, the lower levels must contribute by either attacking or healing, but buffing is not considered contributing. Finally, there is no farming of battle arena coins.

Further Changes to Silkroad

silkroad1The changes do not stop there, as I have made every effort to improve Silkroad. My goal is to make Silkroad Salvation enjoyable for both casual gamers and hardcore Silkroad players. This means that the majority of the gameplay has been tailored for player versus player gaming. The result is a game that offers repeatably entertaining content without requiring the need to raise the cap past 70. The overall changes should reduce the monotony for newer players while still providing fun gameplay for those that are familiar with the game. Silkroad Salvation remains competitive while still letting newbies take their time getting used to the gameplay. Another change in this version comes in the form of skills. The majority of the skills have been edited for smoother gameplay. Some minor changes include the removal of magic pop, damage scrolls, premium ticket, and devil spirit.

Changes to World Maps

cont_03_01There are only two world maps that are active in Silkroad Salvation – Jangan and Dw. Since this version of Silkroad is designed to be more geared towards jobbing and guilds, we wanted to a more condensed world. I examined the trade routes and removed the ones that were least active and useful.

I hope you all enjoy this version of Silkroad Salvation, as it should be a far more enjoyable game for those of us interested in continuing to play Silkroad. This release of Silkroad Salvation took quite some time to put together, so hopefully, everyone has a good time with it. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Silkroad Salvation and why it should be superior to previous versions. If you have a comment about this, leave me a message and I will definitely get back to you.